Newborns & Babies

LoveNewborns and babies are my absolute FAVORITE clients to photograph. The chubby cheeks, the tiny toes and fingers, the delicious rolls…there is nothing in this world more precious than a brand new bundle of joy.

As a mom of two, I know how fleeting these moments are. Those first few weeks fly by in a haze. Every day our babies grow a little bit bigger, a little bit older. My goal is to capture this moment in time so parents can look back and remember the flawless beauty that they created.

My top priority is the safety and comfort of your baby.
-I will NEVER shoot a baby if I am sick
-If a member of my household is sick, I will inform you and offer to reschedule
-I am up to date on all vaccines
-all props and blankets are washed in baby-friendly detergent after each session.
-I keep my nails trimmed and filed to ensure I do not scratch baby
-I have taken classes and am well versed in newborn posing & safety. Many newborn poses you find on Pinterest are composites (multiple pictures combined together in post processing). These poses can be dangerous if not done properly.
*No matter who you choose to do your newborn photography, please make sure they follow proper safeguards to ensure the safety of your baby.

Megan Schiraldi Photography offers newborn, milestone, sitter and first birthday sessions.

We also offer a “Grow With Me” package that includes 3 sessions: Newborn, Sitter (around 6 months when baby can sit up unassisted), and 1st Birthday/Cake Smash. Upon completion of the 1st Birthday Session, this package includes a beautiful custom photo book, featuring your favorite photos from all three sessions, to document your child’s first year.