Newborn Safety

My top priority is ALWAYS the safety and comfort of your baby. *No matter who you choose to do your newborn photography, please make sure they follow proper safeguards to ensure the safety of your baby:

  • I have taken numerous newborn photography workshops and am well versed in newborn posing & safety. Many newborn poses you find on online are composites (multiple pictures combined together in post processing). These poses can be dangerous if not done properly. A newborn should never be forced into a position that makes them uncomfortable. Also, some poses require a spotter at all times.
  • I will NEVER shoot a baby if I am sick. I will inform you immediately to reschedule.
  • I will inform you if a member of my family is sick, and give you the option to reschedule
  • Myself and everyone in my household are up to date on all vaccines
  • All props and blankets are washed in free & clear detergent before and after every session.
  • I keep my nails trimmed to ensure I never scratch baby