It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my neighborhood, so my kids asked me for a “Christmas Magic Photo Shoot.” My sweet little angels have typical photographer child syndrome, meaning they absolutely hate taking pictures, but every once in awhile they ask for something specific, a “magic” picture, and they get so excited. I decided to post a couple before and afters for you to see.

I asked them what kind of photos they wanted. My son wanted a Santa image, and my daughter requested a silly image. So we put their Christmas pajamas on, grabbed the camera had started snapping away.

For this first image, I told them to point out the window to a specific part of the power line. Since they are 4 and 6, they didn’t do exactly as I said, but we made it work!

christmas window before and after


For the next image, I told them to pretend to make snow angels and then hopped on a step stool. I needed a super fast shutter speed to get these pictures, since they refused to lie still. They were flapping their arms and legs as fast as they could! At least they had fun!

christmas cookie before and after

If you live in or near Brooklyn, NY and want to schedule a magic photo shoot or Dream Maker Session, as I call it, contact me today! I love coming up with new ideas, plus the kids always love them!

Christmas Session

This little man came to me earlier this year for his newborn session, and mom and dad called me up for a Christmas sitter session. I love it when my newborn clients come back to take photos as they grow. It’s amazing to see how big they have gotten, and in this little guy’s case, how adorably chunky they get!

There is seriously nothing better than a squishy, chubby baby. Seriously, how stinkin’ cute is he!!!!

Baby Boy Christmas Photography Session.jpg

For newborn and milestone sessions in Brooklyn, NY contact Megan Schiraldi Photography today!

All the little details

Hello all! I can’t believe December is already here! The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest time of year for photographers! I haven’t had much time to update my blog & social media, as I’ve been shooting, shooting, shooting, and editing, editing, editing!

Also, I’ve also had a bunch of clients that haven’t wanted their images posted on the internet; so, even though I’ve been super busy I don’t have much to share.  In case you were considering scheduling a newborn photography session in New York, but aren’t comfortable with your portraits being shared online – no need to worry! While I love sharing my clients’ beautiful families on here, I also TOTALLY respect my their wishes if they choose to keep their photos private! If you schedule a session with me, they are YOUR images of YOUR family, and it is up to YOU how you want (or don’t want) them shared.

Some clients wish to keep all their photos private; however, some are happy to let me share some tiny little details shots.

So, without further adieu, let me present The Tiny Little Details post:

Newborn Macro Photography

It’s quite obvious I’m partial to baby feet, but seriously, who doesn’t love little baby toes!

If you are scheduling a newborn photography session, be sure to request these tiny detail shots. Of course, if you schedule a newborn photography session in New York with me, you don’t even have to ask! Macros are some of my favorite photos. Even if  newborn photography doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t forget to take these types of shots with your own camera/phone. They really capture the perfect little details of your perfect bundle of joy! As a mama myself, I know how much I love looking at my littles’ photo albums and seeing their tiny little fingers and toes!

Time to get back to editing!

Happy Holidays!