It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my neighborhood, so my kids asked me for a “Christmas Magic Photo Shoot.” My sweet little angels have typical photographer child syndrome, meaning they absolutely hate taking pictures, but every once in awhile they ask for something specific, a “magic” picture, and they get so excited. I decided to post a couple before and afters for you to see.

I asked them what kind of photos they wanted. My son wanted a Santa image, and my daughter requested a silly image. So we put their Christmas pajamas on, grabbed the camera had started snapping away.

For this first image, I told them to point out the window to a specific part of the power line. Since they are 4 and 6, they didn’t do exactly as I said, but we made it work!

christmas window before and after


For the next image, I told them to pretend to make snow angels and then hopped on a step stool. I needed a super fast shutter speed to get these pictures, since they refused to lie still. They were flapping their arms and legs as fast as they could! At least they had fun!

christmas cookie before and after

If you live in or near Brooklyn, NY and want to schedule a magic photo shoot or Dream Maker Session, as I call it, contact me today! I love coming up with new ideas, plus the kids always love them!

Another set of twins – Hudson Valley Family Photography

I had a great time at this photoshoot. Every time I hear “One Year Old Twins” I walk in with certain expectations.

Well, let me just say these two were the chillest, happiest, most content babies I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Can you believe how beautiful this family is?


Family Christmas Session

I’m trying to catch up on on my social media/website/blogging today. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to update any of it.

Here’s another Family Christmas Session. If these beautiful babies look familiar, it’s because I’ve been photographing them since birth. You can see their previous sessions herehere, and here. 

Christmas Family Photo Session Megan Schiraldi PhotographyMegan Schiraldi Family Christmas Session

I must say, these babies are probably 2 of the easiest babies I’ve photographed, but since they were about 6 months old, one of them gives me a hard time every time. Last time it was Baby S, this time it was Little Miss C. Though, once she was up and walking, she was all smiles!

I can hardly wait for their cake smash next month!!