Puppy Dog Tails

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of…

To me, photography isn’t always about documenting perfection. Of course when shooting a child or family session, I am for those perfect smiles and poses.  But sometimes there is beauty in REAL life too, dirty faces and all.

This image screams “BOY” to me. The half smile, gorgeous eyes, and messy face, is –  in my opinion – absolute perfection.

Puppy Dog Tails

Fairy Princess

Even the most accomplished photographers admit that there is always more to learn. I love learning new skills and techniques to enhance my craft, so lately I’ve been taking some photography workshops. Today I decided to try and edit one of my favorite images that was taken this spring. Although I loved the warmth of the old edit, I’m loving this new creative edit even more!  Check out the before/after below!

BEFORE:NY Child Photographer



I hope to be offering some fairy mini sessions in the future! If you are interested in booking a fairy session, contact Megan Schiraldi Photography today!