I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In 2014 I relocated to Cornwall, NY with my husband, our 2 beautiful children.

Some of the things I love are: my family, decorating and redecorating my home, holidays (even the little ones), glitter, crafting, cozy blankets, the beach, fire pits, crocheting baby blankets, and creating art.

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. My first camera as a child was a Polaroid…My parents used to joke that they were going broke from constantly buying the instant film. For my 8th grade graduation, my father bought me my first real camera, and I’ve been behind a camera ever since. My hobby turned into a passion when I had kids of my own. I was never a fan of big box store photography, as I prefer a more organic look, so I took my own pictures of my children. In order to get the look I wanted, I started taking workshops with some of the leaders in the industry. The more I learned and honed my skills, the more my passion for photography grew. I am always taking new workshops and learning new skills and techniques.

I specialize in newborn and child photography. I love capturing giggles, toothless grins, serious faces, and even runny noses! Our children will never be littler than they are today. Let me freeze this moment in time for you to cherish forever.