Why hire a Newborn Photographer?

I’ve heard it all before –

“Why should I pay for a photographer when my friend has a nice camera, they will do it for free.”


“So and so photographer gives all the images on a disk for $50.”

~and even~

“Wow! That’s a great picture! You must have a great camera!”

And that is great. Every photographer started their photography career somewhere – usually shooting for free, or for a very discounted price. Every photographer started out not knowing how to use a camera and depended on their camera to get a nice shot.

So, I decided to do a little experiment at a recent newborn session. I shot one image using manual settings (as I always do). I then changed the settings in my camera to “auto” to see just how the image would come out on my “nice camera”.  Here is the result:


The first picture was taken with the manual settings that I set in the camera, the second picture was taken in Auto. There is an obvious difference, not to mention that during my first few newborn sessions the babies were posed horribly and in cheap props from Amazon that didn’t fit properly. BTW – Most newborn photographers have beautiful props available for you to use! You don’t need to buy anything and they are hand selected to look amazing in your images! Seriously, how cute is this romper in this image!


…Ok. So I learned how to use my camera, big deal! There’s still that photographer who charges $50 and gives all images on a disk/usb/etc. Again, that’s great! If you want to use that photographer, then go to that photographer! I promise you, I have no hard feelings! I started out as that photographer, I get it! But when I was that photographer, giving EVERY image from the session, I definitely was NOT hand editing all of my images. Not only did I not have enough time, I didn’t know how to. I also was not investing in quality props.

But then I spent a lot of time and money learning how to SAFELY pose a newborn. How to wrap a newborn. How to soothe a newborn. How to edit a newborn. How to choose props. And I apply these skills to every shoot that I do, just as most newborn photographers do. I ensure that while your baby is with me, your baby is ALWAYS safe. I know how to pose your baby, even in the more difficult poses, to ensure they are always comfortable and safe. I know how to stitch images together in photoshop to make sure the baby is never in a position where they can get hurt. I hand edit each and every image you see in your gallery. I smooth the skin, remove blemishes, smooth blankets and turn every image not just into a prettier image, I turn it into a Piece of Art.

Here’s a comparison:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.49.43 PM.png

This is the difference between what you will get when you go to that girl you know with a nice camera and the final product you will receive from me. Your baby is beautiful regardless, so if that’s all that is in your budget, that is perfectly ok! Do it!


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 4.00.06 PM

And here is an example of the difference between what you will get when you go to that photographer that gives all the images on a disk/usb/etc., and the final product you can get from me. There is no way that photographer has the time to go in and hand edit every image in your gallery (I know because, again, I was that photographer!). If the photographer is delivering all the images, there is not enough time to pay attention to every little detail. Note how the second image is straightened, the blanket is smoothed out and expanded on the bottom for a more appealing composition, skin is color corrected and the baby’s scratches are removed. Hand editing with this attention to detail is done on every image in your gallery, and it takes a lot of time, and a lot of education.

I understand that everybody’s budget is different and that’s ok! Do what you can do to get beautiful images of your newborn, even if you take them yourself! You will never get these moments back, and I fully believe that every stage in your child’s life NEEDS to be documented NO MATTER WHAT! That’s the reason behind why I do what I do.

But if you want gorgeous pieces of artwork for your walls, a baby book, birth announcements, grandparent’s gifts, etc., then choose a newborn photographer to safely make beautiful portraits that will last for generations to come. I’ve never had a client who didn’t regretted it!

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