There once was this boy who loved his giraffe…


My boy LOVES giraffes. The giraffe in his hand is the first baby item I bought, when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. Not shown in this picture is his giraffe blankie, which is his most prized possession that he takes everywhere he goes. So when he asked mommy for a giraffe picture, I could not resist!

As his mommy, I must say, this picture is the perfect representation of his 4 year old self… I will look at this this picture one day when he is a teenager, and I will remember how he loved giraffes. I’ll remember how many times I had to wash his giraffe blankie because it was ALWAYS dirty. And how many times I told him the story of when I bought that giraffe blankie. And telling him the stories of how he used to kiss that giraffe lovey when he was an infant…and how he loves to hear these stories from when he was a baby! I will remember how I hear him winding up his giraffe in the middle of the night and how the music puts him back to sleep before I can peep into his room. This picture will bring back so many memories because it is SO him. It’s not a picture of him smiling at the camera (which is a miracle when he actually does), it’s a picture of him talking to me about how tall the trees are, which I decided to transform into a bit of childhood magic for him.

That’s what photography is all about. It’s preserving memories. Taking a small moment in time and putting it in a time capsule…

I can’t believe this little boy is almost 5 years old. I want to savor every bit of little-ness left in him. And my camera is helping me do just that.


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